Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Design and the Social Media

Interesting information from MASHABLE The social Media Guide recognizing what Yochai Benkler said about collective communities in his book on the Wealth of Networks.

If you’re a creative person, there’s no better way to improve your craft than by getting social. You can start by following designers and design blogs on the major social networks, but if you’re looking to really explore others’ work and share your own, design communities are key.

Society6 is an online community that allows artists to showcase their work, sell prints and find others to collaborate with,” says Mathers. “Behance, This is Central Station, Creattica and Design Taxi are some other great creative communities that I have used that help designers connect and promote their work.”

Like any social network, the value is in sharing. “I upload any recent work I have to Society6 and Behance and use both platforms to interact with other creatives, find people to collaborate with, send and receive feedback, and generally communicate with others in similar industries,” says Mathers. “Both sites, particularly Behance, received a healthy amount of traffic … [they] are an excellent way to gain exposure in front of the right people.”


  1. The MASHABLE site can be a wealth of sites and articles to look at!


  2. Society6 appears to be an excellent site to showcase your work and addresses privacy policy in much detail. I only wonder is there any problems with unauthorized or prohibited use of designer's works.

    Good Information!