Friday, May 7, 2010

Design and the Social Media

I see the talk about the use of cartoons in the other blogs so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon; see, influenced by the social media. The article associated with this cartoon, written by Tom Fishburne, offers some good information on the affects social media has on design, and possible legal implications that can occur if not careful, WJS.


  1. I am all for the use of cartoons in certain types of businesses using social media. We all need some humor in our lives and a good laugh, but there is a set of values we need to keep in mind in certain areas. Embracing new technology is one thing; however, making judgment about media content is another that must be defended.

  2. The anonymity that the social media can bring provides a certain level of bravery (or insanity!) that may not be there in a face to face encounter. I have noticed that most of the agreements on sites that I subscribe to define the right of the site to exclude, in some cases permanently ban, individuals entering non-appropriate images and information. I have seen Tweets and Facebook entries that should have used a little more discretion!

  3. The cartoon certainly illustrates the importance of using the right social media to the right audience. Maybe they should have used a fan sight for NASCAR. This looks good for collecting examples and finding challenges within your category.