Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Design and the Social Media

A Better Design bears more fruit,
"Who Sets the Terms
A decade or so ago, Google transformed the perceptive of the web by offering the "I'm feeling lucky". This amazing product (at the time) offered a knowing of the "best hit" for a term being searched. In a subtle, but important way, a taxonomy for the web has been introduced for the web. This default view is now monetized - and controlled - by Google in how it links to top level documents on the web.
We're starting to think of Facebook's platform to be like Google. In a way, it is indexing the world of information, not by most linked, but by most liked. Like Google, when this filter is applied to the good old fashioned web, it shows that the world's content is valuable, and it can be monetized."


  1. Check out this article on design and social media. Might have some sources.

  2. I think that is the best idea. Just like Target; one stop shopping: clothing, electronics, food and so on.

  3. Interesting Article. At least I am not alone in thinking that designers are losing control of his or her design. Social medium and society will continue controlling design and more so as technology advances.

    Thanks Anne-Marie