Thursday, August 30, 2012

A forecast or prediction from the futurists and two forces that I believe will affect its success.

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Forecast #6:
Lunar-based solar power production was pioneered by David Criswell in 1985 as a way to meet future energy demands. The debate stands as to which is better, Lunar Based Solar power (LSPS) or Solar Power Satellite (SPS) pioneered by Peter Glaser in 1968  both of which energy can be more dependably and inexpensively gathered in Space than on Earth. This clean energy source is capable of delivering the 20 trillion watts of power a year that the Earth’s predicted 10 billion people will require by mid-century.

Two forces that could hinder the production of either of these innovations is.

Space Environmental issues

There is now a lot of space junk in orbit around the earth and adding more Satellites for the SPS system. We do not need to add to this

Figure 1 - Space Junk

The other force would be financial feasibility.
The cost of producing a lunar based system would be a hindrance.  1995 predicted costs came to about $1,098.00 per kW It will have most likely tripled in today’s cost. The materials, manpower and transportation costs in 1996 figures would be in the Billions.

Figure 2 : Lunar Base Solar Production System
Fig from David Criswell’s Solar Power via the Moon: 2002
G.L. Kulcinski, Nov 26, 2001, Lecture 35 Lunar Solar Power Station
David Criswell, 2002; Solar Power via the Moon,

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