Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EM835 reading Beautiful Security - Chapter 6

I had an interesting read this week in the book Beautiful Security by Andy Oram and John Viega. The chapter I had to read and discuss was on Securing Online Advertising. It bought out some interesting and frightful information.
Users are the most direct for online advertising attacks with Malvertisements, malware, and exploit-laden banner ads.
Ex. Free Ringtones, or quizzes like, Do you know whose lips these are? These seem harmless, but can hold malware that can be installed onto your computer to collect personal information.
Advertisers themselves are victims by being overcharged by ad networks. Then using them as a doorway to your computer as they instill different cost rate schemes to the advertisers like:
CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions
CPC – Cost Per Click
CPA – Cost per Action
What can be done to stop this?
· Be aware of what you are about to click on. Ads that offer something too good to be true are great hiding places for malware insertion programs.
· Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and European Consumer Commissioner have been tracking down, uncovering, and handing out fines to those who create and use this form of advertising.

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