Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design and the Social Media

The area of DESIGN has a large affect on the Social Media. The way webpages, advertisements, home pages, and even your blog pages are designed can influence sales, visits and so forth. Vandelay Designs has a good piece about How Design Impacts Social Media.


  1. I agree a poorly designed web site with good information is less likely to be read fully, whereas an appealing web site which offers visitors better visuals are more likely to be read further.

    Even the best looking web site can be poor if it takes too long for the visitor to pull up. When web designing, a good rule is to test the design with a slow pc which uses a modem.

    Load testing is another consideration if you anticipate high traffic to the newly designed web site. Load testing of websites


    Your blog is very appealing and offers a good color contrast. The coat of arms was a good idea to personalize your site. Well done.

    Thank you

    Paul D.

  2. Hello Erv

    I agree with you that the social media marketing and web design are impact one another.

    The social media is intended to focus on the most popular content would had a big influence on media consumers and their decision of whether or not they should vote for a particular submission. On the other hand, the design of a site also had positive or negative influence on the consumers voting decision.
    The social media marketers have to take care about the shape, appearance as much as they take case about the content and headlines.

    Thanks a lot

    Imad Al Saeed